Jul 4, 2009

Jun 27, 2009

Q-n-A # 47: Mr. Obama, Doesn't it bother you that the Muslim World has shunned you?

As a Muslim in disguise yourself, Mr. President, just what do you have to say, now that the Arabs think your just another George Bush?

Jun 24, 2009

Q-n-A # 46: Mr. Obama, Does this bring back any Memories?

Reports are running amok all over Africa that your ancestors on your Muslim Father's side wore this mask before converting to Islam, would your like to comment on this Mr. President?

Jun 23, 2009

Q-n-A # 45: Mr. Obama, Why Help IRAN?

Those bastards held over 400 Americans Hostage.
The fact that they want change, then let them do what they did 30 years ago, revolt and overflow the government without any help from the USA.

Jun 1, 2009

Q-n-A # 44: Mr. Obama, Where's the Change You Promised Us?

Gasoline is on the rise again. Consumers are all ready in extreme hardship.
Your energy plans will take years, maybe even decades to come about.
We need HELP Now!
These gasoline prices, are again being manipulated by commodity and derivative traders.
Close the loophole in this con game and eliminate derivatives and gasoline price speculation now!
Gives us the CHANGE you promised, while there still is an America to save...

May 20, 2009

Q-n-A # 43: Mr. Obama, We're asking the question again - how about an answer?

How many Americans have to get sick or die before you round up all these useless Illegals and close the border with Mexico?

May 15, 2009

May 10, 2009

Q-n-A # 41: Mr. Obama, So what the hell is going on with all these Illegals?

You and Congress need to stop bullshitting the American people.
Is this the scum you want to let into our country?
Screw this idea that we can't deport 20 million illegals.
It can be done, you just don't want to kick out low life uneducated assholes who will vote for idiots like you and continue your socialist agenda of destroying America from within.
Now what do you have to say for yourself, Mr. President?

May 8, 2009

Q-n-A # 40: Mr. Obama, I can why you want national healthcare

Would you lie to comment on this or any of your other 1,000 socialist programs that will bankrupt America?

May 5, 2009

Q-n-A # 39: Mr. Obama, I see you're starting to whine like a little baby, any comment?

Even Democrats are siding with the Republicans about your NEW so-called carbon tax bill that could increase homeowners utility bills for electric by 300%. If you think the economy is bad now and there are a lot of foreclosures how do you expect anyone to pay their mortgage and car payments with idiot Liberal socialise taxation like this?
Your dumbass is headed for a quick impeachment soon as this reality sets in with those stupid voters who put you in office.

May 3, 2009

Q-n-A # 38: Mr. Obama, more government spending?

Rumor has it you bought a NEW jumbo jet for Michelle so she can run around the country planting water melon gardens and teaching kids how to be green. Make sure she takes that dumb ass Hillary Clinton with her.

May 2, 2009

Q-n-A # 37: Mr. Obama, Yes We Can Collector Plates

I see many people are capitalizing on making money off your Presidency.
Many would like to know what you think of this capitalist concept since you are after all a devout socialist.
By the way, I think this set of Collector Plates really resembles you and Michelle.

Apr 29, 2009

Q-n-A # 36: Mr. Obama, is this how you protect America?

Sign of the times, they say. Reality is the 'Pandemic' has started. If you and the rest of the scuz ball useless ass politicians in America would have woken up sooner, closed the damn borders and kick all the asshole illegal Mexicans out then maybe we wouldn't have this problem.
Tell us Mr. President, what are you going to do when the bodies of Americans start piling up now over this disease you could have prevented?

Apr 28, 2009

Q-n-A # 35: Mr. Obama, about your ancestors

I hear they just unearth a caveman in Kenya that can be traced directly back to your linage. What do you say about that Mr. President?

Apr 25, 2009

Q-n-A # 33: Mr. Obama, have you seen the latest cartoon of you jogging?

I think it's funny, tell all of America Mr. President do you have a sense of humor?

Apr 23, 2009

Q-n-A # 32: Mr. Obama, is this the 'Change' you're talking about?

If it is it I can live without it.
Your reckless spending, out of control social agenda and issues are turning America into a 'Banana Republic', are you aware of this?

Apr 17, 2009

Q-n-A # 31: Mr. Obama, are you laughing at the voters?

Mr. President you just have to wake up everyday laughing your ass off at so many stupid people who voted for you. America loves a liar and the sheeple have spoken and put you into office.

Apr 16, 2009

Q-n-A # 30: Mr. Obama, Does the American Tax Revolt make you feel like you got a Monkey on your back?

Mr. President and all politicians in America, no matter what party you are in, we are fed up and we are NOT going away!

Apr 14, 2009

Q-n-A # 29: Mr. Obama, Are your aware of the upcoming Tea Party?

Americans are sick to death of losing their jobs, crime, illegals, crooked politicians, and taxes.
A Tea Party will be held, just like real Americans once staged to oppose the British.

Apr 13, 2009

Q-n-A # 28: Mr. Obama, No One Ever Hears the Truth About....

Tell us Mr. President, what is your opinion on the World Order, the North American Union, et al?
After all it should fir right into your socialist ideas.

Apr 10, 2009

Q-n-A # 27: Mr. Obama, America wants to know, when is there next Stimulus Check coming?

Stop giving the world our taxpayer dollars and start helping Americans you flipping Liberal idiot.

Apr 9, 2009

Q-n-A # 26: Mr. Obama, Inquiry Minds Want to Know

Mr. President, is it true you have Fried Chicken and Water Mellon at least once per week at the White House?

Apr 7, 2009

Q-n-A # 25: Mr. Obama, Did you hear about the hand?

Just discovered in space, a Giant HAND, see picture included with this Blog Posting.
Some say it is the hand of God reaching out to crush mankind for being so damn stupid. Personally I am hoping if this is true it just takes all the ignorant Liberals.
Do you have an opinion on this unique discovery?
After all you seem to have an opinion on everything else!

Apr 3, 2009

Q-n-A # 24: Mr. Obama, Have You Seen This?

The newest Barack Hussein Obama Doll.
It looks pretty good, a nice resemblance I think.
The world would like to know what you think, after all you love to see yourself and hear yourself talk.
Comment on this .....

Apr 1, 2009

Q-n-A # 23: Mr. Obama, Do You Agree?

Lets face it, it's time you and Congress get a reality check and acknowledge that...

Mar 30, 2009

Q-n-A # 22: Mr. Obama, Rumor has it, you are buddies with scam artist, Robert Allen Stanford

I see you slamming GM, Ford, Chrysler, AIG, Bank America, and Citigroup but no mention of Bernie Madoff or this guy.
I am wondering why?

In case you don't know who this guy is, here's the story....
Being a Texas billionaire who loved cricket should've raised some red flags immediately. Now Robert Allen Stanford may be charged as the newest scam artist on the financial block...once the Securities and Exchange Commission finds him.
Not that Searchers haven't been looking for the money manager themselves. Queries for "allen stanford" (also known and misspelled online as "robert allen stanford," "r allen stanford," "sir alan stanford," and the like) popped up into the top 5,000 searches after a "caravan" of feds drove up February 17 and took over the headquarters of his financial services company, the Stanford Group, under charges of old-fashioned fraud.
Sir Stanford, however, wasn't there to hand over the keys and to face charges, although his cohorts were. His whereabouts were unknown. One report says he tried to hire a private jet to fly to his Caribbean home but ignominiously failed due to a rejected credit card. It appears only wire transfers are acceptable from sweaty-palmed financiers.
The Stanford Group (which has more than 50 offices spread across six continents), ratcheted triple the searches of its founder. Stanford, however, may only be a pip-squeak version of Bernie Madoff: Despite allegedly perpetuating an $8 billion fraud (Madoff's damage is an estimated $50 billion), there's no evidence of a Ponzi scheme here, according to The Business Insider.
The fraud involved telling customers that the CDs they were buying came from investments in "easily sellable financial instruments, monitored by more than 20 analysts and audited by regulators on the Caribbean island of Antigua." Instead, Stanford and chief financial officer otherwise known as the accomplice James Davis allegedly handled the whole thing, hid 90 percent from oversight, and funneled a chunk into not-so-easy-to-sell assets like real estate and private equity investments.
Still, the why of Stanford's alleged fraud demands an explanation, and people have been seeking clues into the fifth-generation Texan's background ("r allen stanford biography"). His Sir title came courtesy of Antigua although its prime minister once called him "haughty, arrogant and obnoxious." The West Indies island is also where he based his Stanford International Bank and flamboyantly funded the Stanford Superstars cricket team, which beat mighty England in November and won $20 million. Unfortunately, the chance to recoup any losses through cricket is nil for now: The Wall Street Journal reported that the English Cricket Board "suspended negotiations with Mr. Stanford about further matches."
Also, as might be expected from someone who had $2.2 billion to his name, Stanford donated to political campaigns, and Republican senators are now moving fast to shuffle contributions to charity. (They might want to consider St. Jude Hospital, which Stanford had supported.)
The Baylor University graduate also once claimed kinship to Leland Stanford, the founder of the private California university, but the school sued in October to stop that nonsense. That lawsuit will probably have to move a little further down on the financier's docket.

Mar 29, 2009

Q-n-A # 21: Mr. Obama, Where's the black outrage?

Where's your Black Pride Obama?
Pepsi is selling White Pepsi' in Japan?
Personally I think Pepsi and the Japanese are laughing their butts off at your dumb ass!
I say, send that other dumb-ass, Hillary Clinton to Japan and make them stop!

Mar 27, 2009

Q-n-A # 20: Mr. Obama, When are you going to tell the truth?

You're proof the American people are ignorant of Islam.
Under Islamic Law, if one or both of your parents are Muslim, you are automatically born a Muslim.
Your father was Muslim, you attended a Muslim School in Indonesia (only Muslims can attend those schools) yet you claim to be a Christian.
Further, anyone who denounces Islam that is a Muslim is given a death sentence by fellow Muslims.
You were never denounced by Islamic leaders so therefore you are a Muslim in disguise, which is allowed under Islamic Law to promote Islam or carry out deeds of ill will against Infidels (non Muslims).
Americans deserve the truth - when are you going to admit your are a Muslim?
Here is something to get you thinking .... Toilet Paper now comes in 2-Ply with the Koran scribbled on it!

Mar 23, 2009

Q-n-A # 19: Mr. Obama, What NO McDonald's Award Scenario?

Gee Mr. President, you have selected such a fine group of assholes for your Cabinet Post and top economic advisers, I am surprised you don't have an 'Employee of the Month Award.'
Maybe you'll start one after reading this!

Mar 21, 2009

Q-n-A # 18: Mr. Obama, When are you going to put a sock in Al Sharpton's mouth?

That's right this asshole is the biggest racist on the planet and a useless shit stirrer.
If you had any guts you lock this ass-clown up for inciting riots and racism, but we know you will never do that, because Michelle wouldn't let you, ha ha ha ha!

Mar 19, 2009

Q-n-A # 17: Mr. Obama, When are you going to open the flood gates?

President Obama, when are you and the rest of the Democrats going to open the flood gates for African immigration, starting with your roots, Kenya?
After all you have all ready allowed millions of uneducated Mexicans into the USA. What's a few more blood suckers for the taxpayer to burden?
This person has all ready signed up, says there a relative of yours.

Mar 16, 2009

Q-n-A # 16: Mr. Obama, Did you forget something in Indonesia?

President Obama the guy in the picture wants to know when you're returning to Indonesia, you know where you studied to be a Muslim, and get you monkey?

Mar 11, 2009

Q-n-A # 15: Mr. Obama, Why aren't Our U.S. Troops given the best equpment?

March 7, 2008, file photo, U.S. soldiers secure the area next to a damaged U.S. mine resistant, ambush protected vehicle (MRAP), after a roadside bomb explosion during an operation in the area of Al-leg, some 40 miles south of Baghdad, Iraq. The Army is updating its manual for the electronic battlefield a move aimed at protecting soldiers against roadside bombs and other nontraditional warfare used by increasingly sophisticated insurgents.
Firms defraud government but get new US contracts anyway, Why is that President Obama?

The Real Story President Obama is hiding from American taxpayers:
WASHINGTON DC – Companies that defrauded the United States and jeopardized American lives received new government work despite rulings designed to stop them from receiving federal contracts, government investigators report.
Payments went to a company whose president tried to sell nuclear bomb parts to North Korea, a company that jeopardized lives on the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy, and a seller of body armor that the Air Force said was defective.
The companies were on a government database of 70,000 individuals and businesses suspended or barred by various U.S. agencies from receiving government contract work.
The Government Accountability Office blamed some of the mistakes on faulty computer searches by officials who left out commas or periods. But it also said the search engine for the database often failed to identify any of the entries on the exclusion list.
A hypothetical suspended company named XYZ Corp., Inc. with a comma would escape detection if one searched for XYZ Corp. Inc. without the comma the report said.
The investigators found a staggering list of offenses by companies awarded new contracts. They included use of fictitious Social Security numbers, massive tax fraud, delivery of faulty parts for the military, false filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, use of insider information to bid on federal contracts, and Medicare fraud.
Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, asked in a hearing Thursday, "What is the point of having suspension and debarment regulations if our own agencies disregard them?"
Most contracts were awarded to excluded companies by mistake. However, the Army deliberately continued a contract with a German company, Optronic GmbH, whose president was convicted in Germany for attempting to illegally ship dual aluminum tubes to North Korea. The equipment can be used in the development of nuclear bombs.
The Army paid the company $31 million under the contract, including $4 million after it was placed on the exclusion list. The firm supplied civilians for training exercises for 7,000 U.S. troops prior to their deployment to Iraq.
In ruling that the company should not receive new contracts, the Army stated in July 2005 that the gravity of the conduct was clear, given that 37,000 U.S. forces were stationed on South Korean soil.
An Army official, in an interview, said the payments continued because the convicted president was removed from the company and the firm did an excellent job in its crucial role in the training exercises.
Edward Harrington, deputy assistant secretary for procurement, said stopping the contract early would have jeopardized the two brigades that needed the civilians in their battlefield exercises.
Other examples cited by the GAO, Congress' investigative arm:
_The Navy suspended Tecnico Corp. of Chesapeake, Va., in April 2006, after discovering the company was using faulty fasteners on steam pipes on the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy. A rupture could have caused lethal burns.
A Tecnico Corp. vice president, Richard Freeman, declined to comment.
_GAO officials, in their own test, purchased body armor worth more than $3,000 from Pinnacle Armor of Fresno, Calif. The company was placed on the exclusion list in September 2007 by the Air Force, which concluded that the firm represented its body armor was tested and effective, when the equipment actually failed to meet requirements.
Several attempts to reach the company were unsuccessful because the company mailbox was full.
Steven Industries of Bayonne, N.J., was banned in May 2007 after the GAO said it conspired to defraud the government by placing false labels on chemicals.
Bill Rubenstein, president of Steven Industries, said the payments from the government after the company was barred were for contracts that existed at the time.
Gregory Kutz, the GAO official who presented the findings, said the payments were for new orders under existing contracts and should not have been approved under the exclusion.
Chemco Industries, a cleaning supply company, was suspended in March 2007 three years after its conviction for illegally discharging chemicals into the St. Louis sewer system. Officials in the Veterans Affairs Department never checked the exclusion list and ordered new cleaning supplies.
Company owner Kamal Yadav said the firm didn't receive new business during its ban. The government "started buying again after we got reinstated," he said.
The GAO disputed that, saying the company was suspended March 7, 2007, and the new order was placed by the VA on Aug. 8, 2007.
It should be noted that many of these companies donated campaign funds to elect Obama.

Mar 6, 2009

Q-n-A # 14: Mr. Obama, About Healthcare in America, please get a reality check?

When are politicians going to level with the American taxpayer?
You want national heathcare for all Americans because you claim 47 million Americans don't have healthcare.
The facts show otherwise...
The average American with healthcare and their employer pay about $16,000 per year, of this $922 go to covering cost for uninsured at ER rooms that eventually are passed on to heathcare providers in higher cost.
Of those so-called 47 million, over half are illegal aliens.
So try closing the borders, kicking out those who don't belong here that are ruining and bankrupting our country.
Next, the average doctor pays $50,000 per year in medical malpractice insurance. Since you are lawyer you wont grasp this, but try getting rid of these ambulance chasing asshole lawyers that sue doctors, hospitals, and drug companies for every little thing!
So now that the facts are out, what are you gonna do about it?

Feb 27, 2009

Q-n-A # 13: Mr. Obama, Why Aren't Inestments Secured Like Bank Deposits?

Why the hell doesn't the government create a Federal Investment Insurance Corporation, like we have with bank deposits through the FDIC?
This doesn't mean protecting people from market ups and downs or bad decisions by investors. I am referring to money by legitimate investors that is defrauded from companies like Enron or individuals like Bernard Madoff?
Tell us President Obama, where is the security for the everyday average American investor?

Feb 25, 2009

Q-n-A # 12: Mr. Obama, The People Demand an Explanation!

Marine One Under Fire for excessive spending....
Why the hell are you spending so much money on your Helicopter?

More on this ....
President Obama has talked tough about the need to shed wasteful spending. But will he practice what he preaches? His one-time rival, Sen. John McCain, brought up a pricey presidential project that seems a bit unnecessary — a fleet of 28 new Marine One helicopters that will cost taxpayers around $11.2 billion.
At a recent summit to cut the federal deficit, Sen. McCain suggested that if President Obama wants to help the economy, perhaps he should consider canceling his order. Obama replied that he's already looking into it. Obama then joked that perhaps he's been unknowingly deprived all his life, but his current Marine One chopper seems just fine to him. CNN is reporting that the new helicopters, which were originally ordered by President George W. Bush, are now on hold (though not officially cancelled...yet).
Naturally, all this talk of gazillion-dollar equipment has people searching. Folks are desperate to know more about the fancy helicopters, what they can do, and why they cost such an exorbitant sum of cash. Queries immediately surged on "marine one photos" and "why is it called marine one." Regarding the second inquiry: It's called Marine One only when the president is aboard.
As for why the president needs 28 of them apparently, it's a safety precaution. When flying in Marine One, identical choppers travel next to the president's ride. Trickery throws off the bad guys.
But why in the world do these contraptions cost $400 million each? After all, isn't a helicopter just a helicopter? Apparently not. The Washington Post explains that the proposed fleet would be outfitted with "cutting-edge communications equipment, antimissile defenses and hardened hulls." Oh, and a kitchen. You can't forget that.

Feb 24, 2009

Q-n-A # 11: Mr. Obama, What are you going to do about North Korea?

The North Koreans all ready have the 'Bomb' - that's the Nuclear Bomb to you dumb asses that don't know what it is.
Now they have a rocket capable of delivering that warhead to the western part of the United States.
So Mr. President, why don't you stop being like your gutless predecessors and nuke them first?

Feb 23, 2009

Q-n-A # 10: Mr. Obama, WTF ?????

I think you been feeding too damn many bananas to those monkeys you call economic advisers.
Who the hell is gonna pay for all this out of control spending, and just when are you gonna break the news that you LIED to the voters, and start raising taxes?

Feb 21, 2009

Q-n-A # 9: Mr. Obama, Where can I get one?

I'd like a piece of America's History so where can I buy one of these stuffed Obama animals?

Feb 20, 2009

Q-n-A # 8: Mr. Obama, It's obvious you have never heard of Market Correction, now isn't that true?

The housing crisis will pass. But you are making a mess of things that generations to come will have to pay for, if we even survive as a nation.
The housing bubble caused one thing positive, that most overlook. It has again, made housing prices affordable. So why many are losing their homes, and probably shouldn't have gotten a mortgage in the first place, the cost of a home which was clearly out of site for most, is now down to a realistic and affordable investment.

Feb 19, 2009

Q-n-A # 7: Mr. Obama, What the hells the story with your U.S. Senate Seat Replacement?

Corruption, greed, payoffs, old politics as usual ... where's the change, President Obama?

Feb 18, 2009