Mar 6, 2009

Q-n-A # 14: Mr. Obama, About Healthcare in America, please get a reality check?

When are politicians going to level with the American taxpayer?
You want national heathcare for all Americans because you claim 47 million Americans don't have healthcare.
The facts show otherwise...
The average American with healthcare and their employer pay about $16,000 per year, of this $922 go to covering cost for uninsured at ER rooms that eventually are passed on to heathcare providers in higher cost.
Of those so-called 47 million, over half are illegal aliens.
So try closing the borders, kicking out those who don't belong here that are ruining and bankrupting our country.
Next, the average doctor pays $50,000 per year in medical malpractice insurance. Since you are lawyer you wont grasp this, but try getting rid of these ambulance chasing asshole lawyers that sue doctors, hospitals, and drug companies for every little thing!
So now that the facts are out, what are you gonna do about it?


  1. Anonymous31.3.09

    I GOT IT!

    Here's the solution. Put a tax on children. The more you have the more you pay. Can't afford that? Then don't fucking have them!

  2. Anonymous31.3.09

    Here we Go

    If tobacco is going to be sin taxed, I say tax the shit out of Twinkies so all the obese fucks pay thier fair share for the multitude of medical problems obesity creates.


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