Jun 27, 2009

Q-n-A # 47: Mr. Obama, Doesn't it bother you that the Muslim World has shunned you?

As a Muslim in disguise yourself, Mr. President, just what do you have to say, now that the Arabs think your just another George Bush?

Jun 24, 2009

Q-n-A # 46: Mr. Obama, Does this bring back any Memories?

Reports are running amok all over Africa that your ancestors on your Muslim Father's side wore this mask before converting to Islam, would your like to comment on this Mr. President?

Jun 23, 2009

Q-n-A # 45: Mr. Obama, Why Help IRAN?

Those bastards held over 400 Americans Hostage.
The fact that they want change, then let them do what they did 30 years ago, revolt and overflow the government without any help from the USA.

Jun 1, 2009

Q-n-A # 44: Mr. Obama, Where's the Change You Promised Us?

Gasoline is on the rise again. Consumers are all ready in extreme hardship.
Your energy plans will take years, maybe even decades to come about.
We need HELP Now!
These gasoline prices, are again being manipulated by commodity and derivative traders.
Close the loophole in this con game and eliminate derivatives and gasoline price speculation now!
Gives us the CHANGE you promised, while there still is an America to save...