Mar 27, 2009

Q-n-A # 20: Mr. Obama, When are you going to tell the truth?

You're proof the American people are ignorant of Islam.
Under Islamic Law, if one or both of your parents are Muslim, you are automatically born a Muslim.
Your father was Muslim, you attended a Muslim School in Indonesia (only Muslims can attend those schools) yet you claim to be a Christian.
Further, anyone who denounces Islam that is a Muslim is given a death sentence by fellow Muslims.
You were never denounced by Islamic leaders so therefore you are a Muslim in disguise, which is allowed under Islamic Law to promote Islam or carry out deeds of ill will against Infidels (non Muslims).
Americans deserve the truth - when are you going to admit your are a Muslim?
Here is something to get you thinking .... Toilet Paper now comes in 2-Ply with the Koran scribbled on it!

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  1. Anonymous29.3.09

    People who want to be feared and hated are always complaining about their own success.


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