Jul 14, 2009

Q-n-A # 54: Mr. Obama, are you one of those ....

Men in Black ?


  1. It would explain a great deal.

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  3. Obama is a flipping idiot bent on destroying America...the Muslim way, and Liberals are helping him do it - learn Chinese we are all going to be speaking it soon.

  4. Only 2 positions for a light switch, earthling,
    UP or DOWN:
    the UP position is pointing skyward,
    toward ExtremeSupersonicSeventh-Heaven,
    which is e.VERY.thang we want
    (and I mean everything),
    which is what America SHOULD be doing,
    puh-ray-zin God in dis Finite Existence;
    while the DOWN position is pointing toward our demise,
    to the whorizontal,
    toward the Abyss o'Misery,
    where you [pl] shall feeeel the palpable,
    LivingDarkness 4 eternity.

    Again, only 2 eternities, earthling
    ...and 1 of em aint too cool.
    And YOU alone decide.
    NOT Jesus.
    NOT slimy, nasty ol satan.
    NOT your friends.
    NOT your co-workers.
    NOT your lover whom you aint married to.
    YOU alone.

    Many analogies we might surmise 4 that proposition... yet,only 1 belief in the King of Hearts
    who gives U.S. His Magnificent Light.
    If that's too difficult 4u2c,
    here's what I suggest:
    I suggest you getta pair of GodSpexfrom the Divine Physician, mortal.
    God bless your indelible soul.
    Yes, earthling, I was an NDE:
    DO - NOT - TAKE - the - CHIP!!!
    (hand OR forhead)
    If you do, say hello to being burnt toast, baby.
    F O R E V E R.

    Make Your Choice  -SAW


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