Feb 14, 2009

Q-n-A # 3: Mr. Obama, What's up with the D.o.D. and their unfair hiring practices ?

President Obama, America wants to know what's up with the Department of Defense and their idiotic unfair hiring practices?
U.S. Military Bases around the country are being guarded by outsourcing security for these bases. It's bad enough we are placing the security of these bases in third party hands instead of the traditional military police, but most of the 'Positions' hired by these so-called contractors are not even Military Vets.
WTF - Our Veterans (Vets) go fight for our country and when they return can't even get a job that they are clearly better suited and qualified for than some civilian !!!!
Can YOU Mr. Obama explain this?

So, President Obama, will this be your broken promise to our Vets, remember, the one you made campaigning that said our Veterans need to be cared for?

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